26 - 28 April 2021

With two successful Virtual Collaborations under our belt, UIA is looking forward to a more robust way for its members and interested ultrasonic professionals to share their ideas and latest findings.

We will be utilizing a Zoom platform for our presentations, which will include the ability to live-chat during the presentation.  Breakout rooms will facilitate our unconference conversations.  Exhibitors will also have a breakout room session so you can check in with companies to find out what they've been doing since you've seen them last.

Proposals NOW being accepted

UIA49 Virtual has a total of fourteen 15 minute slots for presentations in both the industrial and medical applications arena.

UIA49 Virtual has unlimited poster presentations available.  We are using an interactive, dynamic poster showcase into which you can incorporate video, PowerPoint presentations, surveys, Acrobat and more.  Please use the button below to submit your poster proposal.

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Registration is now OPEN

With the lower overhead of a virtual symposium, UIA is delighted to pass these savings on to our participants:

Registration Fees

Members:  $199

Nonmembers: $299

Students: $99

Late Fee

There is a $30 late fee for member & nonmember registrations received after 31 March.

Exhibits/Sponsors: $1,500 and up

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If you registered for UIA49 last year, you will receive an email with a complimentary registration code.

Daily Schedule

The symposium will begin each day (Monday, 26 April - Wednesday, 28 April) at 9 am ET / 2 pm GMT and conclude at 2 pm ET/  7 pm GMT.

The Medical session on Monday and the Industrial session on Wednesday will include an invited speaker, 15-minute presentations, two unconference opportunities to ask questions and chat with colleagues.

Tuesday will feature two workshops with break-out sessions, an unconference period and a virtual showcase of Warwick University.


Exhibiting companies will have assigned break-out rooms for participants to visit with representatives to hear about their products and services.


UIA is using a virtual poster platform this year, which provides a dynamic, interactive review of research results.

Students are invited to submit their poster proposals by using this link Submit Your Proposal.

Invited Speakers

Robin Cleveland -
Invited Speaker: Medical

Robin Cleveland is Professor of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford and Tutorial Fellow at Magdalen College, Oxford.  He received the PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin where his doctoral research was on sonic boom propagation in the atmosphere.  At the completion of his PhD he was awarded the F.V. Hunt Fellowship of the Acoustical Society of America at the University of Washington in Seattle studying shock wave lithotripsy – breaking of kidney stones by shock waves.  After two years in Seattle he joined the faculty at Boston University for fourteen years rising to the rank of Professor of Mechanical Engineering.  In 2011 he joined BUBL, in Oxford.  Robin was a keynote speaker at 2010 UIA Symposium.

His research is in nonlinear acoustics with particular application to biomedical ultrasound.  Areas of research include: shock wave lithotripsy, high intensity focused ultrasound surgery for thermal ablation,  nonlinear distortion of B-mode diagnostic ultrasound, the development of shelled microbubble for ultrasound theranostics (targeted imaging and drug-delivery).

Mike Draper & Rob Perkins, - Invited Speakers: Industrial

Mike Draper, Managing Director and Rob Perkins, Director of Sonic Systems, Ltd., UK.  Sonic Systems was founded in 1985 by John Perkins who spent all his working life in the field of power ultrasound originally working out of the Mullard Research Laboratories (Philips Group), with such notables as Ernie Nepparias. Sonic Systems grew on the reputation of providing high quality leading edge ultrasonic process systems dedicated principally in the OEM market. However, key customers gave the company immediate credence within the market place and allowed Sonic Systems to grow a significant product base.

Sonic Systems was incorporated in 2000 and since this period has successfully expanded the customer base , and is at the leading edge of power ultrasound providing state of the art ultrasonically enabled technology worldwide.

Their presentation will cover some background to Sonic Systems’ approach to developing advanced engineering solutions in power ultrasound, and then focus on specific examples where real-world applications are benefitting from the technology, at scale.



More to come!

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